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Behind the scenes of a distracted human.

I write, erase, and gaze upon the intricacies of the plants around me. I write, erase, and do some online shopping—all the way up until checkout, of course. Empty cart. Again. This isn't quite good enough. Good? Short sentences and then long to give a sense of dynamism. Google the word "dynamism" to ensure it's actually a word. Time to read what we have so far. Starting a sentence with "I" is not usually my favourite. I write, erase, and write.

A clear head at last. The topic today is... drinking water. I need to refill my water. Done. Now to drink. Drunk? Drank. I drank the drink to get drunk. English is a strange language, indeed. I see a sheep among the sheep. Okay, I gotta jet. I don't have a jet, but I gotta jet.

We're back. We are, as in I am. Every single word. A distraction. A mix between goofily humming decade-old songs and getting lost within each and every thought. Contemplating what to eat for lunch while simultaneously mourning the two mass shootings that will likely happen today (on average, source). Worrying that my posture right now isn't quite healthy while praying for the far-too-many families being ripped apart at our borders. Wondering if my phone is new enough while scrolling past crying headlines: "Another War", "It's Too Late to save the Planet", "More Hate and Further Divide", "27 Beauty Products You'll Instantly Become Attached to Because They're That Good".

Distraction keeps us from asking questions. Distraction keeps us from fighting for the well-being of others. One day I'll fight. But today, I'm just too damn distracted.

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